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REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: Kadek Indah, local health staff

Kadek Indah doing IDD awareness programme to the community

By Lindsay Burns, EBPP Volunteer

Kadek Indah gives EBPP IDD (iodine deficiency disorder) awareness prog to the community

WOMEN who divorce their husbands and become single working mums through choice are incredibly rare in Bali.

But it was these exact circumstances that led 27-year-old Kadek Indah to the doors of EBPP, where she became […]

Tackling Deadly Tuberculosis through Awareness Video & Brochures to Thousands of Children

Scene in the “doctor’s surgery”, Pengalusan & Cegi ‘stars’


By Aris Harianto, EBPP Marketing & PR

EBPP students from Cegi and Pengalusan learning their script before the TB drama shooting session

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most serious diseases in Indonesia and the problem is that communities, such as those in mountainous East Bali, have little chance of getting it identified […]

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